Durban, South Africa

Life Enterprise is a Household of Faith
under the oversight of Pastor Frans and Tory Du Plessis.
We are passionate about God’s love for mankind and
believe that He has called us into the image of His Son.
Thank you for visiting. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Grace and Peace.

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"The highest form of Ministry is to pour your life into another life. Not only leading, but overseeing; not only preaching but imparting; not only suggesting but guiding. When Jesus said: 'Go make disciples, He had already set the perfect example."

− Pastor Frans Du Plessis

"Obedience brings fire. Enter the fire with faith"

− Pastor Tory Du Plessis

"Forgiveness is the Key to a life of freedom."

− Pastor Frans Du Plessis

"Correct focus is directly linked to peace in our life."

− Pastor Tory Du Plessis

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