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Revealing God’s Intended Finish

We need a fresh revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ to accurately understand the end, for Christ is the beginning and end of all things. This apostolic season is bringing a fresh interest in the study about the end (eschatology), and it is changing the paradigm of the Church forever. God’s intended end (eschatology) is to have a corporate, many-membered Son who inherits and rules over all creation. Fullness is Christ the Son bringing many sons to glory, manifesting His eternal Kingdom through a corporate Son who reveals His love, righteousness, and goodness in the earth. If you are ready for a radical change, this book is for you. If you are tired of going around the mountain and tired of unfulfilled prophecies and promises, then this book is surely for you. God is seeking a mature, corporate son in the earth who will manifest Christ to the world-not only one facet of Him, but Christ in all His fullness. Discovering the truth about the end will shake the religious systems of this world. To be effective and relevant today, we must understand the end. The birth of Jesus announced the end of the “night” and the beginning of a glorious new “day”-the day of the New Covenant that will shine brighter and brighter until the end.

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Supernatural Culture

Signs and wonders are not a gift but a promise to all believers. For over 40 years Frans has walked in the miraculous. His life is a stirring testimony to the power of God’s supernatural provision, revelation, intervention, healing and, most of all, His loving, abiding and never failing presence, not only for himself and his family, but for many others as well. Contrary to the views of many, Frans insists, signs and wonders should be as normal for the church today as they were for the New Testament church in the days of the apostles. Miracles are not reserved for the super-spiritual, but should be the bread and butter of daily life for the ordinary believer. In a season for miracles, Frans proves his point through powerful vignettes drawn from his own life experiences and testimonies that will have you laughing, crying, shouting, praising, and worshiping in awestruck silence the God of miracles, mercy, and grace. Most importantly, Frans’ stories will strengthen your faith, building up in you that confident conviction that you too can walk in the miraculous.

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