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Courage to Adjust

Posted by | March 24, 2017 | FJ3Blog | One Comment

Finding the truth about God and life is such a vital part of what it means to be Christian. But so many times it is not only finding and realizing a truth, but the actual application of that truth that make the difference in our lives and the lives of others.

The way in which we apply a principle can have limiting effect on the impact, positive or negative, of that true principle.

About 10 years ago the Lord brought to our attention and warned us of not commercialising and over organising the Church – That the Church is more like a family than anything else. Birthed during this time was the understanding of a principle called ‘Father-Son’. It was birthed in the purity of heart, substantiated from Scripture, and out of the need to find another way to “do” Church, that would allow us to function more like a family than an organization or club.

It became central to our preaching, teaching and practice in Church. But today I am writing this small letter to apologise for the over-literal application and overemphasis in practice and teaching of this principle. I guess as I am writing this I realise that this is a public apology/repentance.

I believe in the principle that Overseers in the Faith should have and transmit the heart of the Father to those they care and give leadership to – in the Spirit of “Father and Son”. But a law-like, over-emphasis started to create an incorrect culture in our Church. As Pastor I started wrestling with feelings of entitlement and placing conditional boundaries of exclusivity, that I now now does not belong in me or in the Church. The principle is true, but with imbalanced, generalised application comes incorrect culture and fruit. It has taken me the last three years of my life to come to this conclusion. Some adjustments are needed.

To my Church: Forgive me. I love God and I love His Church and I am more determined than ever to, together with you, create a culture and environment that simply reflects His nature. The best is yet to come!

To my ministry friends and fellow leaders: Take courage to make adjustments in the areas your heart is unsettled in.

To God: Thank you for being the fire in my life that burns up the chaff.


In Love and Service


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