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The pitfalls of relativism

Posted by | January 27, 2016 | FJ3Blog | No Comments

The pitfalls of relativism.


Considering a world in which everything is relative, a world in which there are no absolutes, is something every good Christian at some point of his life should do. It is not a futile exercise just because you don’t believe it to be true. Let me explain:

Most of western society have been built upon the absoluteness of the acceptance that God is real and has some real concrete prescriptions for life. Now consider a world in which there is no God… For many this brings a short lived sigh of relief. “I can do what I want, I can love who and what I want, my actions have no real lasting consequences etc.” But, still while reveling in the new found “freedom” (I use the term very lightly) your honest heart starts to ponder the consequences of such an ideology. As you evaluate all the things that you have treasured in the past you slowly conclude that they have no REAL meaning or purpose. None of it. Not people, not any emotions, not love, not joy, not any achievement. No suffering has purpose, no growth has any value anymore.

Everything is meaningless.

The logic here is simple: Everything exists by chance, so nothing is by design and without design there is no purpose or value. Slowly the feeling of “freedom” is replaced by emptiness and worthlessness. This feeling as it starts to permeate all of your life and thoughts and eventually brings you to a place that I would like to call “lost”. Without direction, without value or purpose. Everything becomes relative, no concrete universal truth. But there is a voice inside you screaming at yourself: “This cannot be true!”.

Now even if we ignore the voice and decide to follow a materialist belief (there is nothing beyond the existence of matter), our actions continue to betray that belief. We care, we love, we hurt, we look for purpose and to belong. It is our very existence and the way that we exist that finally drives us to find something absolute.

Nature is a great example here. Einstein’s theory of relativity does not really teach us that everything is relative, but that everything is relative to light. And that at any point in time, every frame of existence is relative to this amazing universal absolute called light. It permeates all relative frames and continues to be an absolute to everyone of those relative frames.

This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. – 1Jo 1:5

Once you have plummeted through the downward spiral of relativism, and find yourself drowning in the chaos that was never meant to be your habitation, you can reach out to the one absolute truth that binds, holds, promotes, drives and energizes all of the universe including the life of mankind. – God and His Agape Love.

An anchor for the soul, a goal and a purpose. A guide and a marker for all imaginations, thoughts, motives and actions. Love drives everything. Once I reached out to that Love my life returned to order.


I was lost but now I’m found.

In Love Frans

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